The lady and the unicorn

This new collection is entitled “The Lady and the Unicorn” inspired by the works of (La Dame à la licorne) is the modern title given to a cycle of six tapestries created in the style of mille-fleurs woven in Flanders with wool and silk, from designs, drawn in Paris around the year 1500. The tapestries are interpreted as depicting love or understanding. Each of the six tapestries shows a noble lady and a unicorn on her left and a lion on her right; the banners, as well as the armour of the unicorn and the lion.

The moon and the stars is the romantic poem with which the lady expresses herself to her beloved. Taking also as reference the ancient religious manuscripts written by cloistered monks and the enriched writing of poems and the medieval gothic typography. The illumination the blooming of the flowers in the tapestries, and the most important representation in the collection: The myth of the unicorn that represents the hope the strength that we all at some point are looking for. We also need the purity of these mythological beings to add a little light to Humanity. The red, the black and white, the tule, the transparency, the illustrations taken from stories and magic tales are the main source and development of the garments that make a metamorphosis with past references taken to a new era of the 21st century.